Required Information

Information Required When Making Arrangements for Travel

  1. The patient’s name
  2. Where the patient will be picked up from facility where the patient is located
  3. Where the patient needs to be taken to
  4. The patient’s physical information including: their weight, their height and if the patient is able to move, walk, sit up, or move around.
  5. The patient’s medical information: do they have feeding tubes, do they require any special diet, need assistance eating, etc.
  6. Does the patient need any special medical equipment?
  7. The reason the patient is being transfer to the location.
  8. The names of any passengers that might be traveling with the patient.

The staff is medically trained and has years of experience working with patients that have varying conditions.


Non-Emergency, Private Medical Transportation

What You Can Expect

Our patients can expect to be transported in luxury, with privacy, and full medical attention. Most of our vehicles used to transport patients have tinted windows that allow them to see out and outsiders are kept from looking in. Most transportation vehicles are very roomy and spacious and comfortable for the patients and anyone else traveling with them. We will allow one to three other people to travel with the patient. Some units have extra beds for family and some allow animals (pets). The beds and stretchers have thick, comfortable mattresses and comfortable chairs for passengers. Most vehicles have luxury seating and larger areas of sitting space and room to move around. We offer meals, snacks, water, and other beverages to the patients when traveling long distances as part of our service.

Things That We Need To Reserve Their Service

We need to have as much advanced notice as possible to make sure that we have the proper equipment, qualified staff, and the proper transportation to meet their needs, we need at least twenty-four hours’ notice minimum. We will need to know about any special medical conditions, any special needs the patient needs help with, where they will be picking them up, where they will be transporting the patient to, any medical equipment that night be needed, if anyone else will be coming with them, any pets that will be traveling with them, if they will need assistance when they arrive at their destination like being escorted inside or other special accommodations.


Services That They Offer To Assist You With

They offer services that can be used to transport the patient to places like Dialysis Treatment, Outpatient Surgery, Airports, Hospital Checkout, Emergency Room Pick Up, Social Outings, Doctor Appointments, Prescription Drug Pick Up, Dental Appointments, Optometrist Visits, and any other places that they need to go. We will need to know if they will need to be accompanied inside to get them set up, if they need to call ahead and make arrangements for their arrival, if they need to communicate with the staff or help with any special situations. They will also need to know how long they will be there and when to pick them up. They will need to know any specific information they may need to take them where they need to go. If they need to go inside and get the patient and accompany them back to the vehicle or if they will be picking the patient up at a certain door, location, etc. and if there will people escorting them. If there is going to be any type of procedures done, what type of procedure and how they will need to help them upon picking them up and what type of assistance they will need. Also they need to be notified if this will be an ongoing situation and if you want to book them on a regular basis for a period of time and what that is.

If you have insurance that will cover your transportation, give them your insurance information and they will handle all the billing for you to be reimbursed. You won’t have to worry about any of that.