About Medical Transportation Services

What You Can Expect From Us
Long distance medical transportation services can be used when patients need to be transported to another treatment center for medical treatment. This includes serious medical treatment for things like heart surgery, cancer, treatment for all other terminal diseases, or any other surgery of major seriousness. To transport a patient from one location to another in a situation that is a non-emergency requires that the destination to be at least two hundred miles from where an air ambulance is picking up their patient.

Paramedics in front of air ambulance

We provide professional licensed medical staff of doctors, nurses, drivers and whatever other staff the situation requires. They will monitor the patient; make sure they are stable, comfortable, and well taken care of from pick-up to drop off of their destination. Our staff makes all the arrangements with the medical facilities that are involved so you don’t have to be worried, all you have to do is have the patient ready for transport.
Services Provided & Care Given

We are prepared to offer whatever special care that is needed and required such as oxygen, a stretcher if they want to lie down or sit up, medicine to be taken on schedule, or any other special needs they may have. We allow one to three family members to ride with the patient and allow pets to accompany the patient if needed which helps the trip for the patient much more enjoyable and they feel much more secure and at ease. They will pick you up at a hospital, your home, an assisted living facility, nursing home, or your doctor’s office. ‘

The safety of the patient is of upmost importance and our transporting vehicles have the latest in safety equipment so that you know that your patient will be safe during their travel. We provide a television, DVD player and Wi-Fi for our patients to use during the long distance transport. They will monitor their vitals, their breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, and how they are feeling. We provide medical transportation twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and three hundred and sixty-five days a year.


Services that are also included in transporting patients are helping feed the patient snacks and meals, drinks (we provide food, snacks and drinks for the patient and their guest) turning and shifting patients to make them more comfortable, cleaning, changing adult diapers, supervising catheters, and giving prescribed medications on schedule. Oxygen is usually included if needed but you need to let them know in advance if it is required instead of being optional.