What We Offer

A List of What We Offer

From their bed to where they are going: Every detail is taken care of to give you a smooth transition from location to location. We will be providing two experienced and certified team members that will stay by your loved one’s side during the entire trip.

Air ambulance service is provided in the United States and worldwide. All of the airplanes that are used are equipped with all of the latest and most up to date medical equipment available for the patient’s medical needs as well as their safety and comfort.

They also offer ambulance service once they touch the ground to transport them to the locations they need to reach. They will be accompanies by professional medical staff until they reach their destination and are transferred to other staff.

They have an insurance specialist who specialize in handling all your insurance needs. They will submit all the paperwork for you and handle all billing so you don’t have to worry about anything.


If you end up having to fly on a plane commercially, they can supply medical staff that can escort the patient on their trip and make whatever special medical arrangements that need to be made to get them to their destination.

What Can You Expect From Us

We offer the upmost in exceptional care, our patients are our priority. Everything we do from our aircraft, our staff, medical equipment and our procedures are always the best there is.

We offer teams that have many years of experience with critical care, nursing in flight, air ambulance care, and insurance law experience, they know what it takes to deliver the very best care at every single stage of our patient’s transportation needs.

Safety is another priority of our company. We take every precaution to make sure their flight is the safest because our staff is highly educated and trained from our flight staff to our medical personnel.


We will have two of our professional staff accompany the patient from the beginning of their trip to the end and make sure that they are well taken care, are comfortable, safe, and happy during their trip and their transfer.

Our staff makes sure that they keep communication going continuously with the patient’s doctors and their family. We are always available to answer any questions anyone may have and address all concerns.

We make sure that we always have two medical staff members on every flight. One will be a paramedic that specializes in In-Flight Critical Care; the other will be an in-flight medical nurse who specializes in Critical Care. Both will be in constant attendance with the patients during the entire trip, from beginning to the end.

Our services always include an Air Ambulance and Ground Transportation within the United States. Any time a patient is injured or is a critically ill we can transport them with specially equipped airplanes that have high-end equipment for life support, stretchers, medications, and a specially trained medical crew for medical flights that transport patients all over the United States.