International Transportation

Air Ambulance Transporting Patients Internationally

International Air Transport

We have experience in transporting medicals patients to health care facilities around the world. We transport critical ill patients from one country to another country from one facility to another. We also transport injured military personnel, soldiers, and veterans, and also international flights that return patients to their home country for severe or long-term care, and for those who are injured or become sick while traveling.


Medical Flight Specialty Care Transportation 

Specialty Care Transports

Medical Air Transport Services staff can handle any type of emergency; they are trained and have experience with: wounded patients, burned patients, serious brain injuries, post trauma injuries, spinal cord injuries, organ transplant patients, head injuries, respirator/breathing problems, cancer patients, and premature infants & children with medical problems. We can also provide medical staff for commercial medical assistants.

Information patients and their families need to know

Claims Process

It can take up to two years to settle claims with the insurance company. We will represent our patients and fight for them until it is settled, there are no added costs for these services. Sometimes it can be a long, drawn out process with a long list of complications. Don’t worry, our staff of legal insurance specialists can handle them and you don’t have to worry about a thing.