Air Medical Flight Transportation

What you can expect

We are available for any of your needs including emergency transporting twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and three hundred sixty five days a year. We can take the patient anywhere in the world from their home, hospital, or emergency site to the facility they need to go. We are set up with certified and licensed staff to handle any level of medical situation. We will have staff that will stay right there by the patient’s side and monitor them until they are delivered to the site and staff to take over. This type of service is considered to be a medical flight that is an ambulance type service. The only difference from a regular ambulance type service is that it is done by air instead of been driven on the ground . We handle critical care patients who have been in severe car accidents, or some other type of emergency accident situation.

Air Ambulance

We also handle situations where someone needs desperate treatment such as a heart, kidney, or lung transplant or other such lifesaving surgeries. We ensure life-saving care and monitoring with professional level training and experience. We only use the very best, top level rated experts for this type of care. Our staff will make all the arrangements for every service that is needed so that everything is taken care of. They will handle all the billing with your insurance company and handle payments so you shouldn’t have to deal with any of that. We will handle any special circumstances from country to country and any clearances that are needed including customs. We also include communicating with family members on the patient’s status and quality of life in transit.

Medical Escort

We also offer a medical escort for a situation when the patient’s medical condition allows them to sit up for long increments of time and they are considered medically stable. The medical staff will handle any communication that is needed with the patient’s doctors concerning them being discharged and discussing any information needed to decide what mode of transportation is needed for the patient’s situation. The commercial medical escort service is used for patients in a hospital, nursing home, or some sort of assistance facility, but also sometimes when a person needs assistance with traveling and boarding a flight as well as transferring to and from a flight at the airport and through security.